Gallery Screen LCD Showcase

Gallery Screen LCD Showcase

It is a highly efficient 31.5 inch LCD screen using for playing the Information and advertising in the Outdoors, using the latest Direct LED backlight which makes the Luminance up to 1000nit. It could be advertising for HighPoint and Top quality brand image and could also meet public...

Product Details

Digital signage screens are popping up everywhere, helping companies and businesses to deliver information to their customers or audience when and where it matters the most. Whether it's at the supermarket, bank, university, or corporate office, digital signs use dynamic content video, Flash, text, and graphics to draw attention and deliver a message.

UCView Media offers a complete suite of digital signage solutions. We offer software and hardware solutions that allow for you to take advantage of our powerful technology. Deliver information to your market segment with a single screen in one location or to thousands of screens worldwide using UCView's software as a service (SaaS) or ViewEdge digital signage server solutions. UCView also offers an optimal standalone SignEdge media player. This all-in-one hardware and software device enables for you to quickly create content and manage your ads with only minimal maintenance.

The UCView System delivers up-to-the-minute digital content via smartphone, Wi-Fi or TCP/IP networks, and enables display owners to easily and flexibly manage, schedule and deliver their content. An optional advertising module even lets advertisers log in, manage, schedule and control their advertising campaigns. UCView digital signage solutions work in almost any media environment, including billboards, dynamic, narrowcasting, DOOH (Digital-Out-of-Home), out-of-home media networks, education signage, employee TV, captive audience networks, and corporate communications.

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